Monday, May 26, 2014

Building My New Coop

I started building my coop this weekend and it's coming along nicely!  We've only had to run to get "stuff" once, which is amazing to me since I really don't know what I'm doing I thought for sure that I'd end up going to town several times Yeah for me!!!!

 I still have a lot left to do but it's mostly insignificant stuff.  I need to put the roost in and hinges on the door.  I made it easy for me to clean and I can move the coop where ever I want it, because it's light weight of course it's just a "summer home" for Blue and Louie, when it gets cold out I will take them back to the dental office to winter them there with the other bantys!  I am hoping to get a three or four Silkie hens next spring, I just think they are so cute!  I wouldn't mind having some banty frizzles as well!  I think one nesting box will be sufficient for three or four hens. If not I can always add more!  Eventually I would love to attach a run to the coop since I live out on a farm and we do have critters that would love to have a chicken dinner I really think that is something to think about towards fall.  In the meantime the boys will be able to free range during the day and I will have to lock them up at night.  I think they are going to love it out here and I know I will  love having them here!

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