Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I Think Spring Has Sprung!

Finally, it seems to have warmed up here in Iowa!  All of our chickens are out and about and loving life! We do have a couple of roosters that are being mean so I put them in "time out".....thank god our pen has a partition,  Louis and Blue will stay there for awhile. I know they don't like it much but too bad!  Be nice and we would not have to do that!!!

The girls are looking a little rough lots of feathers missing but I'm sure they will grow back by summer.  I have to say the roosters are my favorite, but you gotta love the "girls".  My favorite hen is our Buff Orpington Hilda May, she is so curious, and such a mother hen (no pun intended) she worries about all the other chickens. She is not happy that the boys are are in time out she goes over to them and paces.

The best part of Spring coming is no more dealing with mice in the coop!  I hate them!  They give me a heart attack every time the run past me.  So I'm really glad I don't have to deal with them until next Winter!