Meet Our Chickens II

 Pictured here is Frank, he is a Japanese Bantam.  Frank is named after one of our patients.  He is another one of the roosters that crows on command, he is also the "over-see-r".  He's the one that keeps the rest of them in line.  Not much of a fighter, but can handle himself very well, if need be.  He is a little charmer!
 Well this is the back side of Ethel she is a Salmon Favorelle, a bearded beauty if there ever was one.  She has a best friend her name is Lucy. No they are not named after Lucy and Ethel from the TV show but somehow they became friends and are often seen together.  Ethel is a gentle soul, she is the fluffiest of all the hens, she doesn't look like she has feathers it's looks more like fur.  She is a cutey!
This is not a good picture of Bruce, he is another Japanese Bantam.  He refuses to crow.  He is also another one that likes to mix it up with "the big boys".  Mostly he goes after Keith, because he can! Bruce is really pretty his body is white and and his tail feathers are black an some are outlined in white.  He is very striking.
 This picture is of Lucy our Araucana, she is the hen at that bottom of the picture she brown and black she is a bearded lady and loves to hang out with Ethel they are BFF's.  You will usually find these two roosting together at night or wallowing in the dirt together. Lucy lays green eggs, although this summer, two different times laid a blue egg, I was chalking that up to menopause!
This is a better picture of Ethel she is in the lower left corner of the picture. She really is a nice hen. Very gentle. I recommend this breed for anyone that likes calm gentle hens.  She's a keeper!

Some of our chickens are not pictured...yet.  More coming in the Spring.  We have a few that are camera check back often!

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