Thursday, May 1, 2014

I'm Getting My Own Chickens!!!

Well it looks like we have two roos that are not being very nice to the other chickens we had to separate them from the rest of the flock. The partners in crime are Louis an Araucana and Blue our Blue Cochin.  I've decided to bring them home with me. I first have to get a coop built before they come home...I'm sure they will be happy here with me since they will get the run of the place and not confined to a "prison cell" as they are now!

I will love having them here but when winter comes I will putting them back in the mix because it will just be easier on me!  Having them away from the other chickens will put these two on the low end of the totem pole so they can't cause trouble!  At least I hope not!!!  I am shocked that the two are not fighting, but Blue seems to want to fight Jack through the fence.....what a silly boy!!  He will learn some day...I hope!

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