Thursday, June 5, 2014

My Boys

Blue and Louie
This is of the two roos I'm bringing home to live with me.  Blue seems to be warming up to me and for that I'm glad.  Louie on the other hand runs and hides every time I go into the pen to feed and water them.  I know the reason they are skiddish is because of  a rooster we had when they were little, he would attack me so I had to carry a weapon (a big stick) and they would see me using that  to defend myself and since they were so tiny when they saw what was going on they have been scared of me ever since.  I hope once I get them home that we can make friends. I guess I will have to spends lots of time with them.....Like that is going to be a problem!!! I'm going to love having them here and I can't wait for next Spring to get here so I can get my Silkie hens...I've already decided their names!!!  Wow I'm such the planner!!!  I would like to get a white, black, blue, and a partridge Silkie.  I like the names Daisy, Delilah, Violet, and Pearl, we shall see what comes of those names when I get them home!

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