Saturday, May 10, 2014

Spring Has Arrived!

Finally it's starting to warm up!  I need to get in and clean up the pen, and give the coop a really good cleaning!  I think I'm going to start by revamping the nesting boxes.  I've seen on some blogs that they have put "curtains" on their boxes for privacy I think I'm going to try that!  As of late it seems like the girls are not laying much.  Not sure what that means, I did notice that they have been cracking open the eggs and eating them if they lay them on the ground especially outside, not so much in the coop.

One of the other things I am dealing with is MICE....oh do I hate them!!!  I am afraid of them I know it's stupid I'm bigger than they are!  They just freak me out to no end!  I did find where they were coming in at. I just need to find some kind of metal to bolt over the hole they made.  I can believe how destructive they can be!  I had the chicken feed in a Rubbermaid tote they ate right through it!!!  Nothing like contaminated chicken food!  It just makes me mad.  I did read that you should put either dryer sheets or sprigs of mint since mice don't really like the smell of either!  Make I will plant some mint around the coop!
 It's so
maddening to walk in the coop and see them climbing the walls.  I will say this though, our Buff Orpington Hilda Mae is an excellent mouser!  She is better than my two cats put together!! She is also my worry wart!
We have to Roosters that are not very nice and have been put in a separate pen until I can get a coop built at home for them. Hilda Mae spend lots of time (when she is not mousing) pacing with the two roos.  She wants them out with the others and not separated.....she would make a great mom!

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