Friday, May 23, 2014

It's A Messy Job....

Well, yesterday I started in on the semi-annual cleaning of the coop.  I got the first part of the coop cleaned didn't realize those nasty mice had done so much damage!!  I knew I had at least two places that they were getting in but I wow didn't know we actually had several holes to fix!!  I found some metal and cut it up to patch the holes....I will be putting dryer sheets all over the storage part of the coop, because they won't go in where the chickens are because I have a Buff Orpington hen, Hilda Mae who is a championship mouser!  She is better at catching them than my two cats put together!!  She had killed tons of mice in her short little life she is only a year old!  Hail to Queen Hilda Mae!  I am so glad that we only have mice I would be so freaked out if I saw a rat or a snake in the coop!  Hilda Mae would probably have a handle on them too!

Round two of coop cleaning will come on Saturday or Sunday not sure which day is going to be nice enough to get the job down that part is not going to be that big of a deal.....I just need to get the other nesting box out and cleaned up.  I want to put privacy curtains on the nesting boxes I'm sure the "girls" will love it!

Today the "kids" are getting a treat I bought them a cantaloupe for being such good chickens and having to put up with the dreaded vacuum yesterday!  That hate the noise, I can't say I blame them!  I will feel so much better when the whole coop is clean.  I did tell my hubby that he would have to move one of the roosts up because I have some chickens (I don't know who's doing it) that like to pluck the tail feathers off of their coop mates.  I thought raising one of the roosts will cut down on the plucking!  I hope I am right!  Two of our roos are missing tail feathers and they look so funny!  Our Black Frizzle Joey has NO tail feathers and neither does Chandler our White Crested Black Polish.  I think I can guess who might be doing it.....Jack our other White Crested Black Polish....probably pay back from when Chandler picked out all of Jack's (hair) feathers on the top of his head.  Can't say I blame him much.....Jack got his name because he only had "eyebrows" left and he reminded me of  Jack Nicholson.

I am off to go get the wood for building the coop.....

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