Monday, May 19, 2014

The Long Holiday Weekend

Looks like this weekend is THE weekend to start building my new coop!   I've changed the design a bazillion times....hopefully I'll figure it out by the weekend!!  The two roos I'm bringing home after the coop is done will be in seventh heaven they are in a small pen which is actually pretty good sized....they will love it at my house because they get to free range!!!!  Louis is still scared of me but Blue seems to be warming up at least he doesn't run when I go in to feed them.

I have been looking at hens on the internet and have almost decided that I'm going to get Silkies next spring...I would love to have one white, one blue or black and a partridge Silkie.  I even have names for them already!  I'm not sure if I will just get three or go ahead and get a buff Silkie as well, that would make 5 hens!! So if I make the coop a tad bit bigger I could have a total of 7 chickens, I know chickens are like potato chips......we will see what come of all of this!

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