Saturday, December 15, 2012

Lots of Crowing

We got three more eggs from the "girls" not really sure who is laying, but we hope it continues!  I still have a hen our Salmon Faverolle, Ethel is still sneezing so I guess I will continue with the antibiotics until that subsides.

Our roosters this morning were crowing to beat the band!  All but one of them crow, Bruce our Japanese Bantam  for whatever reason just will not crow for me.  Maybe he has nothing to say!  Of course the show offs were in rare form. Spike and Chub-a-lub Jr. would NOT be quiet to let the others talk.  Finally (with a little coaxing) Big Red and Frank put there two cents in.....Usually I can get Keith to "sing" at least one time, but I totally get why he doesn't, Big Red chases him when he speaks his mind!!!

Yesterday when I went to let them out for the day, Keith decided that it was a good idea that he should just walk out the front door of the coop, it had everyone at the dental office in an uproar, they thought I didn't know that he had gotten out....he is so food driven that I knew it wouldn't take much to get him in the pen....and as always I was right, he went right in after I tossed the food!  He is so predictable!!!

Keith - our youngest rooster

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