Monday, December 24, 2012


Wow, it's really cold here and the blizzard we had was just crazy.  I figured that I would not be able to get to the chickens so I gave them extra food and water.  Of course the chickens ate all of the extra food the day I gave it to them (silly me) and they acted like they had not been fed for a week which made me feel bad!!!

So far it's not been bad keeping the chickens over the winter.  Of course we are not even in the coldest part of the winter.....January and possibly February.  I'm sure I will regret keeping them when it's below zero.  Hopefully it will NEVER get to that temp.  (Major wishful thinking!)

At least I know they are somewhat warm, they have an insulated coop and we have a heat lamp on them running 24/7 in this cold weather, if it for some reason warms up a little we could probably shut off the lamp during the day.  But the temps have been so low that I've kept it on day and night.  I already burned out one bulb!!! I guess they last less than a month being turned on all the time.  I don't care because I want to make sure they are comfortable, especially Spike!

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