Monday, December 24, 2012

Grit and Shell Dispenser

I found a great way to dispense grit and shells to the chickens!  I want to make them for our chickens!!!  Here is the address to the website that shows you how to put it together:

Copy and paste the above address in your browser 

This idea could be used in the coop or outside the coop.  If you were to use it outside you would probably want to put holes in the dish so that when it rained it would run through and not collect in the dish. I really think this idea would work so well for our chickens I actually would love to put two of them in the coop and two of them outside. I would not use as big of a PVC pipe as they used in the pictures but something about 2 inches wide I think would work really well for grit and shells.   I guess this will be my next "chicken" project!

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