Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Finally Done With The Coop!

Finally I got the coop at work done!!!  I got the roost raised, the board in for pooping, and the sand on the floor!  Even got the nesting boxes put back in all clean and fresh, the only thing I have not done is get the curtains on the nesting boxes which will happen this weekend.  Now that it is getting hot out I will need to invest in a fan for the coop and make sure the chickens aren't over heating.  With the cool sand on the floor I think that they will be spending lots of time in the coop taking dust baths.....should be interesting to see what happens.  Now all I have to do is work on my own coop and finish it by the 4th of July so Louie and Blue can come home!

Hopefully they will like their new home especially the fact that they can free range!   Of course chickens are skiddish and will probably be nervous since it's a new environment for them.  Of course by the time late fall gets here it will be time to take them back to work and winter them there.  Should be lots of fun!

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