Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Flock

Feeding Time

I would have loved to take pictures of the babies as they grew up but due to a certain rooster (who is now gone) I couldn't go in the pen without being attacked.  Now all the babies fear me because of him.  I always had to take a broom in the pen with me to wart off his constant attacks.  It is now a pleasure to feed the little ones!  I just feel bad that they are scared of me, I guess I'll have to prove them wrong and let them know that I am not that bad person they think I am!  We now are down to 14 baby bantys, 2 buff orpingtons, and 6 full grown bantys.  So we have a total of 22 chickens and of course 2 peking ducks.  Not so much a fan
"Bruce" a  Japanese Bantum

The Ducks  Waddles & Paddles
of the ducks.  I hope we don't have to winter them with the chickens our coop is not that big so I will have to find someone to take them over the winter.
My hope is that since we only have two big chickens and rest are bantys I won't have so much poop to clean.

Pictured to the left is Bruce, he is pretty calm as roosters go, he refuses to crow.  I've taught the other roosters (including the babies) to crow on command...but Bruce is still holding out on me!  Maybe someday he will have something to say.
Until then I will be happy with the ones that do.

And to top everything off we have two ducks, while they are very cute and cuddly, I really wish they were somewhere else.  They are very messy and they just don't seem happy in the chicken pen.
They pretty much stay together and don't really have anything to do with the chickens.  Once in a while you will see the male duck chase one of the chickens, but no real fighting.  We did get a duck egg the other day!  They are really kind of big, and they are kind of waxy too.  Since I don't know much about ducks I'm not sure how often they lay eggs I'm pretty sure it's not like a chicken.  Hopefully they will be gone before it gets too cold out.   I really don't want to winter them here, a nice farm would be great!

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