Sunday, July 28, 2013


These pictures were taken the beginning of spring before we put the baby bantys in the pen.  It is also prior to Keith our Blue Andalusian continuously attacking me.  I know his breed is very aggressive and had I known he was an Andalusian I would have done things differently.....mainly I would have made him have respect for me, but instead I made friends and we were great friend to point of  doing  "Hugs & Kisses" which is Keith on the roost giving me soft pecks (through a screen door). Actually he still wants to do that even though just a split second before he drew blood on me.  I will NEVER understand him!!! 
I will have some more pictures soon I just keep forgetting to bring my camera when I go to feed them.  Of course I have to have someone watch out for Keith because he is a sucker puncher and if I turn my back on him he will attack!  I am hoping that when we "thin the herd" all of the "big" chickens will be the ones to go.  I have 30+ chickens and 2 ducks (actually I would love to see the ducks go they are messy and a big pain in the butt!)  My dream would be to keep all the bantys because cleaning especially in the winter will be much easier to clean and less poop!  Small chickens =  less poop!  Oh so I'm hoping so!  I will miss the "girls" but I will still have two Buff Orpingtons  Hilda May and Hazel.  They grew up with the bantys so they have to stay some of the bantys think they are "Mom".

Well I'm off to feed the crew so more later........

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