Sunday, July 21, 2013

It's Mid Summer

I can't believe how incredibly busy I've been this summer!  Both my grandkids birthdays are in the summer and that requires a 5 hour drive to Omaha, Ne!  We have already gotten Parker's birthday done and over with but Zoey's is coming up in August, she will be 2 yrs old already!!

I have not been neglecting my chickens though!  We have lost another one of the girls, Oreo, she is a Barred Rock she passed away last week, so sad.  We also lost another one, Spottie, she didn't die, but my Dr.'s wife came over and let the two ducks out to swim (yes the ducks are in with the chickens, I don't really care for it but that is the way it is).  Well, she absentmindedly left the pen door open and Spottie took off.  She has always been a runner, but this time she really did get away.  What irks me about this whole thing is she was the last of the first flock we had she was 9 years old.  I'm sure a critter has gotten her by now since our coop buts up against a bean field.  Spottie was a Silver Spangled Hamburg she was so sweet.  Just gotta look at the up side things I guess, she is probably with her twin sister Dottie now.

We are a little banty heavy this year.  We have 4 banty roos, 2 banty hens...and 15 banty babies and we are not sure what the ratio is roos/hens for sure, but I know we have at least 5 roos just because they are now crowing!

We have only 4 big hens and 2 big roosters.  Keith our Blue Andalusian has become extremely mean especially to me and Doc.  I want him gone for the simple fact that I don't get to enjoy the chickens we have because I'm always on guard.  Without fail I am attacked several times while in the pen trying to feed and water.  He just needs to go!  

Doc wants to "thin the herd" so we only have about 20 in our flock, less mess, less stink.  I am bucking for the all the "big" ones to go and maybe some of the little ones as well. I really don't want to get rid of any of the bantys I just love these chickens!!!  We shall see how this all plays out in the coming weeks.  Hopefully I will remember to take my camera and get some good pictures of the "girls".

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