Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rest In Peace.....Lucy

I lost one of my favorite hens yesterday.....Lucy our Araucana who laid green eggs.  She will be so very missed.  She had enough personality for 10 hens!!!  She always greeted me at the door when I went to feed them.  She also was known to fly up and sit on my shoulder when I was in the pen.

Lucy 2-20-13
Out of all the chickens we have I would have never thought that she would go first.  We have a Silver Spangled Hamburg hen named Spottie who is going to be 9 yrs old in June, she is the one that I looked for her to pass first.  She's still alive and kicking!

Lucy was so gentle and liked to held and loved to be pet.  The night before Lucy's passing she did as she always did and greeted me at the door, came out of the coop and hopped up on the bin with the food in it and started eating!!!  She was so funny!  I am surely going to miss her.  I never got a really good picture of Lucy so this one will have to do....Sleep well little girl!

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