Monday, January 21, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Saturday was beautiful!  52 degrees so I thought I would clean out the the poop removed put down new straw cleaned out the nesting boxes.  I use hamster bedding in the nesting boxes and of course they like to poop in there.....since I have cats and have to scoop poop at home I thought it would work for the chickens!  I was right I just pick up the poop and shavings fall through, it's great!  I'm constantly learning when it comes to winterizing the chickens!  Next year will be so different from this year!!!  My husband even got to put the grit and shell dispensers up for me, now I just have to figure out a better way to feed them I hate the feeding bin we have I would love to either move it up on the wall or get rid of it completely.....I'm thinking moving it up off of the floor would be the best solution.  I just hate to clean it out every time I feed them. I don't know how they do it but get straw piled in it!

I sure hope the chickens are warm.....I woke up to -3 degrees this morning!!!!  I did prepare for this cold snap, I put an extra heat lamp in the coop this one is hanging over the roosts, with 17 chickens and two heat lamps we should be good to go.  I did put a thermometer in the coop just to make sure they were warm enough.  I can't believe the tempature difference from Saturday to Monday!!!  I guess it's still winter and mother nature is just reminding us that she is in charge!!!

Hopefully this cold will not stay long and I can let the chickens out to "play" I'm sure they get cabin fever being locked up for several days at a time.  I just want to make sure the roosters combs don't freeze off they look silly without their combs!!!

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