Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Missing The Family

Well, here in Iowa they say to wait for awhile and the weather will's true!!!  Sunday we had an ice storm and everything was covered in was time to go feed the chickens so I went to my car to get it warmed up and I didn't make it to the car I slipped and fell on the ice!!  I really hurt myself, and ended up at the doctor's office.......I have a separated shoulder!!!  I haven't seen the chickens in two days and I'm missing them a lot!

It is now Wednesday and I'm going to try to go into work not sure if I can do anything with a "broken wing" but I'll try my best.  At the very least I get to see my babies!!!  I'm sure they were wondering where I was....Dr. Andersen has had to feed them the last couple of's not that the chickens don't like him they just don't know him.  I'm sure they will be crowing when they see me!   I just love having my pets at work!!!

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