Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Two Roos

I am so frustrated with the two roosters I have.  They refuse to use the coop they prefer to stay in our garage which is a mess, I feed them the same time they have always been feed but they will not come out to eat.  They are coming out only in the morning which is so inconvenient for me.  I really don't know what to do I think I will probably take them back to the office and call it done!  

I know I'm giving up but they are more work than I want to do it's easier to have them with the other chickens at least for me besides when I go out of town I don't have to find someone to take care of them.  I thought it was going to be different with these two but  they are scared of me and won't let me get near them at all something I don't understand since they really were this bad back at the office....oh well...gotta do what I gotta do!

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